Last November 2009 CCCF, as part of its 20th anniversary celebration, showcased the internationally acclaimed documentary film “The English Surgeon”. Many of you attended the showing to demonstrate your support of our organization’s activities and will remember the two protagonists/neurosurgeons Drs. Henry Marsh and Ihor Kurilets.

At the showings Dr. Kurilets described the medical clinic he had set up in Kyiv with the help of Henry Marsh, to perform neurosurgical interventions according to western European methods and standards in Ukraine. During this past year Dr. Kurilets has set up a satellite clinic/operating centre in Stryj in western Ukraine so that patients from this part of Ukraine would not have to travel so far for treatment.

In addition to setting up a modern operating room and patient recovery rooms he has also obtained an MRI machine for this clinic to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses of neurological lesions that require surgery. This MRI is also available for use to all the other physicians at the Stryj District Hospital.

CCCF made a contribution to cover some of the costs of this MRI and Dr. Kurilets has provided us with some photos to share with our readers. CCCF continues to collaborate with Dr. Kurilets who is planning to come to Toronto, Canada in January 2011 to undertake a month of training at the Hospital for Sick Children under the supervision of Dr. James Rutka, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto.

Once Dr. Kurilets has completed his training he plans to have one of his colleagues participate in the same training at Sick Kids. CCCF hopes that a more formal relationship can be established with The Hospital for Sick Children that will allow young physicians from Ukraine to come for short periods of time to Canada to learn about cutting edge technologies and approaches in the medical care of children that they can implement upon their return to Ukraine. We will keep you posted on the progress of this project.