It is quite an accomplishment for the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund to celebrate 25 years of providing medical and health assistance to the children and youth of Ukraine. Initially organized to mobilize a community response to the needs of victims of the Chornobyl nuclear accident of April 26, 1986, CCCF has evolved its projects to address the ongoing current needs of children at risk and in distress.

For 25 years our projects have navigated the many challenges of awareness raising, fundraising, purchasing and delivering medical equipment, supplies, and expertise to the needy children of Ukraine. The stakes are always high when we consider the value of human life. With our sponsors and supporters, and through the great work and commitment of Board members and countless volunteers, we have met and continue to meet the diverse and changing needs of the children of Ukraine.

To date we have raised and forwarded an astounding $21.3 million dollars in aid. We have entered into unprecedented partnerships that continue to transform the lives of critically ill children. The Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Program is our partnership with the Sick Kids Foundation which has enabled Ukrainian physicians to acquire new skills to better care for children with life-threatening issues. Our partnerships with Help Us Help The Children and Dzherelo respectively, have helped to support summer camps and rehabilitation programs for children. We have supplied a special microscope (costing $48,000), 3 ambulances, many surgical operating tables and incubators to doctors throughout Ukraine. We have generously supported other organizations who work with and for the children of Ukraine. We continue to identify new and creative projects that boldly challenge the status quo in children’s health and welfare.

Perhaps today our name “Children of Chornobyl” is a metaphor for all the suffering that has afflicted the children of Ukraine. The Chornobyl disaster may be a fading memory as the more recent crisis in Ukraine occupies our consciousness, but each crisis produces more vulnerable child victims. Daily, children are impacted by the casualties of war – fathers are maimed or killed, mothers are left in despair, without the means to provide for their young families. The call to service is loud and clear. If not us, then who will respond?  We are committed to our humanitarian responsibilities, to take care of the suffering, the traumatized, and the injured. The challenges are many, but our strategic responses continue to make a difference. For more specific details, please visit our website at

As a charitable organization our financial lifeline is the generosity of individuals and sponsors. On behalf of all the children who benefit from the significant impact of our humanitarian aid, thank you to each and every person who has supported and continues to support CCCF.


Oksana Kawun