Thunder Bay Chapter

Thunder Bay Chapter

Russell Romanick (Director) and his wife Eleanor continue to spearhead many CCCF projects in Thunder Bay. The collaborative leadership of the Chapter in organizing fundraisers, concerts, and the annual Chornobyl Panachyda speaks to their on-going dedication in responding to the needs of others. In 2014, the Chapter sent four large shipments of humanitarian aid to the children’s orphanage in Rozdil, Ukraine. Thanks to the generous donation from Mary Armstrong, an automatic blood analyzer was purchased for the Ratno hospital, at a cost of $13,855. An article about this donation was included in the April 2014 issue of…continue reading →

CCCF Newsletter 2014

The CCCF Newsletter is now available for download. In this issue: CCCF Update; Heal the Wounded: A project of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC); Our MAKSYM in ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) Zone; Friends of Dzherelo; $86,000 Raised for Neurosurgical Endoscope for Lviv Children’s Clinical Hospital; Не залишимось байдужими; Financial Highlights. CCCF_Newsletter_2014.pdfcontinue reading →
Donate a Car to CCCF

Donate a Car to CCCF

Donate a Car Canada now accepts Vehicle Donations for Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund. We provide free towing in many areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you Donate your  RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund through Donate a Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location. Donate a Car Canada will look after all the details to make it easy for your Charity to benefit. After your Vehicle Donation…continue reading →

Congratulations to HUHTC

CCCF congratulates Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC) on the next phase of their organizational development. With the establishment of their own Board of Directors, HUHTC transitions from being a Project of CCCF, to a self-governing entity, with CCCF becoming Friends of HUHTC. The new Board, independent of CCCF, will oversee the activities of HUHTC, the Anti-Trafficking Initiative, and the Scholarship Fund. CCCF and HUHTC have worked together on many important programs addressing the needs of orphaned children in Ukraine. A co-operative relationship continues under the new governance structure. Responding to the changing…continue reading →

CCCF Newsletter 2013

The CCCF Newsletter is now available for download. In this issue: CCCF Medical Advisory Committee (MAC); Сердечне вітанння зі Львова; Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Program; News from Thunder Bay Chapter; Financial Highlights. CCCF_Newsletter_2013.pdfcontinue reading →

Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Program

Introduction: On November 1, 2013 the Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Program was formally launched at a wonderful evening reception at the Hospital for Sick Children. Hosted by Chrystia Freeland, and attended by over 140 members of the Ukrainian-Canadian community, all came to celebrate the successful creation of the Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Program. A key component of the evening was to recognize the leadership of the CCCF in establishing this Program. Over a year ago, the CCCF took the first step forward in creating the Ukraine Paediatric Fellowship Project by directing a $1.05 million gift…continue reading →

27th Anniversary of the Chornobyl Nuclear Explosion

Today, April 26, on the 27th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear explosion, we ask everyone to take a few minutes to remember the innocent victims of this terrible tragedy. The world community has learned much since that fateful day and hopefully has become proactive in avoiding such cataclysms in the future. We at CCCF, now as in the past, continue to support the local hospital which responded to the needs of the victims, and for 27 years has continued to administer to their afflictions related to radioactive exposure. Our current focus is on…continue reading →
CCCF Purchased New Ultrasound Equipment Medison Sonoace X8 for the Neonatal Centre at the Lviv Regional Hospital

CCCF Purchased New Ultrasound Equipment Medison Sonoace X8 for the Neonatal Centre at the Lviv Regional Hospital

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CCCF Newsletter 2012

The CCCF Newsletter is now available for download. In this issue: CCCF Update; CCCF Supports Cardiovascular Research in Ukraine; On-going Medical Projects in Ukraine; Volunteers of the Year; Trip to Baranivka, Ukraine: Children from St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church Make a Difference; News from Thunder Bay Chapter; Financial Highlights. CCCF_Newsletter_2012.pdfcontinue reading →